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Introducing SWEFT – The solution you need to give your customers the best digital experience.

Strong merchandising is essential for the online experience, but most retailers say their process is ‘unsophisticated’ and ‘painful’.

Most retailers suffer from*

  • Reliance on Excel and email to manage their merchandising

  • Insufficient information for decision-making

  • Unclear roles and responsibilities

  • A lack of streamlined processes

  • Inadequate merchandising tools

As a result, most merchants, creatives and producers are left working in silos, juggling spreadsheets, documents, emails and other manual processes. They have little time left to be innovative or strategic.

                            *Retailer survey by The e-tailing group, May 2018


Sweft is an Enterprise Digital Merchandising System, specifically built to ease the pain of retail merchandising in the digital age. Sweft syncs between systems and teams to minimize data entry and increase accuracy. Sweft provides a clean, proven workflow for ecommerce and digital content that gives users priorities, alerts and reminders, and allows them be more productive and more creative.

………. and get product online faster.

 Working together towards a common goal = Increased Profitability







Web Producer


Creative Designer
Sweft is the missing link in your eCommerce content management chain. Sweft is built as an intuitive tool that allows everyone in the company to stay on top of their individual priorities. It helps establish effective merchandising processes to increase productivity and reducing time to market. No more concerns about product “not ready for web”.

Sweft Enables

Flawless Collaboration

When we collaborate as a team, the sum is always greater than the individual parts taken alone. Competitors are left in the dust by tight collaboration that produces category disruptive ideas. In order to get to the productive collaboration that sets apart great companies from mediocre ones, the right tools are necessary. That’s where SWEFT comes in — to sync your team together to achieve greater success.



Sweft inherently creates good communication, with each user’s actions informing others of their priorities and status, thereby accelerating the process flow.


Sweft synchronizes data between systems and users, eliminating siloed information and putting everyone on the “same sheet of music”

Sweft = World-Class Productivity

Work smarter, not harder. Getting a handle on your workload and priorities can seem like an insurmountable task, but with the right tools it is achievable. Sweft provides the essential functionality and processes, enabling better collaboration so that you can work smarter and be more productive in today’s digital environment.

Fast & Easy Work

Organize your day. Start with your dashboard, and  priority alerts. Knock out  your to-do list and feel good about working on your piece of the merchandising puzzle.

Create Results

Working smarter leaves time for new ideas and doing what you love – driving sales, instead of chasing samples, searching for specs and stressing about products sitting in the warehouse but not online.

Sweft : The Tool You Need

to manage your merchandising workflow and digital content creation process 

Easier than spreadsheets and powered by a database in the cloud with all the flexibility your team needs to organize their work, their way.

Merchandising Workflow

Coordinates & prioritizes content creation to get products online faster, with greater accuracy.

Creative Shoot Management

Enables Photography manager to anticipate upcoming work, and to assign tasks among the team.

Sample Management

Easy and efficient system for managing samples across your organization, with tracking tools.

Marketing Event Workflow

Manage campaigns with assigned tasks and priorities, and tie to products to avoid stock-out events.

Assortment Presentation

Buyers and DMMs can easily print and review their assortments in "inspiration board" format.

Data Syndication

Sharing information with your website or affiliates is easy and automated, ensuring accuracy.


Evaluation, setup, onboarding and tailoring of tasks and actors, to optimize your merchandising workflow.



Data exchange via ftp or API with your ERP, Website and other systems, to ensure timely and accurate data and a single source of the truth.


With best-practice workflows to handle most needs, customization allows for the functionality to meet your specific business requirements.

Sweft Proven Case Study

After successfully implementing the first version of the product, we knew we were on to something which has been missing in the retail environment.

  • Content Management 80%
  • Transaparency 60%
  • Information Accuracy 50%
  • Customer Happiness 90%
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