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Sweft : The Tool You Need

to manage your merchandising workflow and digital content creation process 

Easier than spreadsheets and powered by a database in the cloud with all the flexibility your team needs to organize their work, their way.

Merchandising Workflow

Coordinates & prioritizes content creation to get products online faster, with greater accuracy.

Creative Shoot Management

Enables Photography manager to anticipate upcoming work, and to assign tasks among the team.

Sample Management

Easy and efficient system for managing samples across your organization, with tracking tools.

Marketing Event Workflow

Manage campaigns with assigned tasks and priorities, and tie to products to avoid stock-out events.

Assortment Presentation

Buyers and DMMs can easily print and review their assortments in “inspiration board” format.

Data Syndication

Sharing information with your website or affiliates is easy and automated, ensuring accuracy.


Evaluation, setup, onboarding and tailoring of tasks and actors, to optimize your merchandising workflow.



Data exchange via ftp or API with your ERP, Website and other systems, to ensure timely and accurate data and a single source of the truth.


With best-practice workflows to handle most needs, customization allows for besepoke functionality to meet specific business requirements.

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