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Sweft is the 21st century tool that organizes and automates the complex merchandising process. Sweft will make your business faster, more flexible, and better able to compete. 

Collaborative  Merchandising platform


To launch new products on time, teams needs to collaborate effectively and manage their  daily priorities.

Sweft is the only Collaborative Merchandising Platform (CMP) enabling teams to work together smarter to activate products faster with richer content.

Generating product information is complex

Managing product attributes requires so much effort




Number of days

Sweft consolidates these decisions and attributes into a centralized solution, defines roles and priorities for the teams, and reduces the days to launch by 40% or more.

Before and After


Before Sweft: Buyers introduce the new line of products each season and have to pass on a lot of information about each product. There is no simple and elegant way to exchange this information other than a bunch of lists and spreadsheets – which are outdated as soon as they are passed.

After Sweft  Buyers can share an up-to-the-minute list of the items for the season, so the whole team has access to that list and all the current information behind it – the data is live, not staticAnd the reports can include images, which makes communication much easier.  

Preparing for the Merch Meetings always took days – pasting images & info into reports, finding and gathering samples. We never seem to have time to really think about the assortment.  With Sweft, the prep-work takes just a fraction of the time, and the meetings are much more effective.

New York NY- October 22, 2020,

Sweft LLC today announced that national retailer Rockler Woodworking and Hardware, has chosen Sweft’s cloud-based retail merchandising collaboration platform (www.gosweft.com) to support its omnichannel growth strategy. Rockler has selected Sweft because of its exceptional merchandising collaboration capabilities and its innovative leadership in product launch technology.

Sweft provides a clean, proven workflow for ecommerce and digital content that gives users priorities, alerts and reminders, and helps them be more productive and more creative........... and get products online faster.

Founded in 1954 and headquartered in Medina, Minnesota, Rockler is the leading specialty crafts retailer specializing in woodworking supplies hardware, tools, lumber, and more, operating 37 stores in 20 states.

Sweft’s SaaS solution was selected to help Rockler more quickly expand assortments and drive product innovation. 

According to Scott Ekman, VP of Marketing,

“Rockler has accelerated the pace of product and assortment development.  Managing product data, enrichment and workflows across merchandising, marketing, creative, ecommerce, and operations has become a real challenge – especially with the majority of our staff now working remotely. With Sweft’s merchandise collaboration platform, we’re streamlining our processes, closing communication gaps, enabling real-time insights and decision-making which, in turn, will improve performance.”

About Sweft LLC

Headquartered in Philadelphia PA, Sweft was founded by 3 partners with deep retail expertise who experienced firsthand how poor eCommerce processes can crush a company’s growth and profitability.  Expanding on a solution they built while running Anthropologie.com which added to that brand’s success, the partners created Sweft to help retailers succeed online knowing that brands that are not fast, nimble and efficient will not survive in the increasingly digital-first retail marketplace.


About Rockler

Celebrating its 66th year as a family-run business, Rockler Woodworking and Hardware is the nation’s premier supplier of specialty hardware, innovative tools, lumber and other high-quality woodworking and do-it-yourself products. Rockler has 37 retail locations, extensive catalog and internet operations, and publishes a woodworking magazine called Woodworker’s Journal



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Sweft enables collaboration

Working together towards a common goal :  Increased Sales and Profitability



With collaboration, teams get the job done better and faster.

Most teams lack the key components of effective collaboration: common information, means of communication and clear understanding of roles. Your team will be able to grow the business because Sweft provides:

  • a 360° view of the product information, synchronizing data between systems and users, eliminating siloed information and putting everyone on the “same sheet of music”.
  • inherently good communication, with each user’s actions informing others of their priorities and status, thereby accelerating the process flow.
  • well defined workflows, so that everyone knows what they are responsible for- and what other are accountable for

Sweft syncs your team together to achieve greater success.

 the tool you need

to manage your merchandising workflow and digital content creation process 

Easier than spreadsheets and powered by a database in the cloud with all the flexibility your team needs to organize their work, their way.

Merchandising Workflow

Creative Shoot Management

Sample Workflow Management

Marketing Campaign Workflow





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