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Sell More

Increase revenues and grow market share by:  

Expand Assortment:

  • Increased efficiency in Buying process enables greater throughput (up to 20% reduction in Buyers’ tasks)
  • Improved assortment tools yield better selections and product decisions

Accomplish More

Quicken Speed to market

  • Sweft helps you get more done by improving productivity across the merchandising process through automation, organization and optimization
  • Automation: eliminate redundant steps and duplicate data entry
  • Efficiency:
  • Centralized data: 360 degree view of product details means no time wasted trying to find key data; more people have access to the data
  • Improved process: existing processes analyzed and then optimized through Sweft

Profit More

  • Faster time-to-market yields better margins (2% of full-price sales lost for every day of delay)
  • More accurate information (reduced returns, errors)
  • Improved process reduces inactive inventory thereby improving margins


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